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The MRS website (https://www.mrscompany.com) is built using GatsbyJS and Wordpress as a headless CMS. This means that the CMS here is fully private and no public pages are generated from the posts/content created at this URL.

Using the Gatsby Wordpress source plugin, all conent (blog posts, client success stories/case studies, testimonials, etc.) is fetched via an API when building the public facing Gatsby/React site.

Notably, when client success stories/case studies and blog posts are created and published in this CMS, they are automatically translated into publicly visible posts on the public facing Gatsby site (at https://www.mrscompany.com/client-sucess and https://www.mrscompany.com/blog respectively). Be mindful of that when publishing posts here.

For help and support, or if you have any questions, contact David -> davidap@mrscompany.com.

About the Wordpress setup

Important Plugins:

Disable blogging: this removes the default Wordpress blogging functionalities (e.g. default post types, comments, author pages, etc.).

Custom Post Type (CPT) UI: this allows for easily creating custom post types (e.g. Case Studies and Blog Posts) as opposed to using default/built-in Wordpress post types.

Advanced Custom Fields: this allows for creating custom fields on the various post types (e.g. "Client" for case studies or "Author" for testimonials).

Quick Links


View the main dashboard for the Wordpress CMS environment.

Client Success Stories

Case studies and client success stories highlighting the work we do for our clients.

Blog Posts

Company news, updates and any other insights we think may be valuable to our target audience or may help SEO.


Testimonials from clients that we can pull into various pages on the MRS website.